RB's Goodie Garden

by Rob Bender

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This first batch of “goodies” was a lot of fun to work up thanks to help from some amazing musicians and my studio collaborator, Michael McGregor.

Michael is a gifted keyboard player and does some particularly tasty work on 'The New, Jersey Bounce'. That track also features the cool voice of Windy Karigianes and some awesome solos from bassist Keith Jones and alto sax player Reinhold Schwarzwald.

Veteran LA singer Les Lake helped me out on vocals on 'All Nude All Nite' – a song that also features the lead guitar work of New Orleans’ Stephen Landon. 'One Way In One Way Out' also features some wild guitar licks from funky front-man Aaron Steinberg, aka Capt. Danger.

Hope you enjoy these “goodies!”

If anyone from where I grew up in Montesano, WA remembers a little coffee shop downtown called The Goodie Garden, then you know where I got the inspiration for my music site. When I was about 3 years old, I spent many mornings there with my mom and her lady friends as they visited, drank coffee, and introduced me to the irresistible pleasures of maple bars and glazed donuts. Sweet!


released February 28, 2013

Rob Bender performs on all instruments & vocals with the following exceptions:
All Nude All Nite: Les Lake & Rob Bender lead vocals; Stephen Landon, lead guitar; Michael McGregor, keyboards
The New, Jersey Bounce: Windy Karigianes, vocal; Reinhold Schwarzwald, alto sax; Michael Mcgregor, piano; Keith Jones, bass
I'm The Spy Who Loves You: Chezere, bkrd vocals
One Way In One Way Out: Aaron Steinberg, lead guitar
Graphic Design: David Bender



all rights reserved


Rob Bender Los Angeles, California

Rob Bender has played with and formed groups in the Pacific Northwest, Madison, WI, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. He now resides in Los Angeles, CA where he writes & records original music.

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Track Name: All Nude All Nite

verse 1
Talk about the reasons
I’m attracted to the girl
The way she makes me feel and,
There’s that little curl

Bouncin’ to the left
Shake it to the right
Got the total package
Got it sewn up tight

She’s a fantasy dancer

Makin’ monetary transfers

Ain’t lookin’ for no answers


She floats in like Madame Butterfly
Stings your heart & burns your eye
Wearin’ pearls & high heel boots
She’s a fashion statement in her birthday suit

Slippin’ down that dance pole
Drives the place insane
Wraps herself around it
Like a sweet little candy cane

Dance baby dance, all night tonight

verse 2
No matter what the season
She lets it all unfurl
All the cats are talkin’
‘Bout the girl with the curl

Up and down the parkway
She shakes it for a fee
Teasin’ poppa at the PH
Settin’ dollar bills free

repeat chorus
When you come to see her dance
You can buy a tip-by-tip romance
And if you think it’s all passé
Just wait until she comes your way

Scratchin’ for the money
To keep her by your side
That girl’s got you comin’
And you’re goin’ for a ride

Dance baby dance, all night tonight
Dance baby dance, all night tonight
Track Name: The Rain in My Head

The rain in my head
Clouding everything I do
Hangin’ by a thread
Can’t believe we’re really through

Still feeling the pain
When I should be over you
But I’m at it again
My ego’s turning black and blue

The rain in my head
Started after your good-bye
It’s over you said
Never gave a reason why

I reach out at night
Between the sheets that once held you
You’re nowhere in site
What am I supposed to do?

Nothin’ I say, seems to stop or delay,
all the pain that your leavin’ has caused
Now I believe, you were out to deceive,
your smile concealing your claws
Your motivation, for our termination
defies all the logical laws
I’m bleeding in vain - left in the rain
And I’m tired baby, so tired

Don’t know what crazy things I might do
The colors I see are only red and blue

The rain in my head
Turned into a hurricane
It fills me with dread
Am I the only one to remain?

My bankroll is dry
I’ve become a workday absentee
And I’m taking a dive
Clouds are closing over me

Taxes and faxes, with fingerprint matches
are pressing from every side
Financial concern, and the third degree burn
that you gave me are hurting my pride
I have to admit, that my game is adrift
and I feel like I’m ‘bout to collide
I’m all turned around – no up or down
I’m tired baby, so tired

Don’t know what crazy things I might do
The colors I see are only red and blue

- And the rain baby
- The rain in my head
- The rain in my head

Track Name: The New, Jersey Bounce, feat. Windy Karigianes

Put your toes in the fire, and see if it burns
Stretch your arms to the sky, and do a slow turn
You got a smokin’ little number, up in Ft. Lee
But you’re down on the boardwalk, now how old is she?

You’re doin’ the new, Jersey Bounce
You’re doin’ the new, Jersey Bounce
Baby that same old new, Jersey Bounce
You’re drivin,’ Jersey bouncin’ - all night long

Now the highway of temptation, is full of jealousy & doubt
Says the airwave preacher, fadin’ in and out
He heard from the heavens, and isn’t good news
You’ve used up all your credits, now you gotta pay your dues


Tell the man, about your evil ways (sinner)
Confess your deeds, and it’s all ok (sinner)
You promise not, to do it again (sinner)
But it’s just a question of where and when (sinner)

Out about and about, you got no doubts, passion can’t be slowed
She’s unaware, you got no cares, got no heavy load
Born again, and then again, salvation’s round the bend
Make some time, turn on a dime, someone shout “Amen!”

Six lanes of road, turnpike to heaven
Miles slip away
Goodbye Cape May, Hello Secaucus
Get down pray.

Parkway hoppin’ ain’t no stoppin’
Look out Pennsauken
You know the way


Still seein’ that chick in Brick?
That little shiver in Tom’s River?
Is Sherry still in Cherry Hill?
Getting’ down in Bordentown?

Track Name: Squeeze Play

Fallen in love ‘bout two-hundred times
You’d think I’d know better, it’s almost a crime

But hello and goodbye, don’t imagine I’m yours
If I can’t breathe, I’ll be breakin’ down doors

You’re so irresistible, feel your charms
I loose control when I’m in your arms

You make it so easy, to get caught in a squeeze play
You make it so easy, I’m caught in a squeeze play

Now I’m holdin’ a place for you deep in my heart
Hopin’ for love, waitin’ for it to start

I’m telling you now and I know it’s a sin
But I steal away when love closes in

How long it lasts is just a matter of time
Love hits the ground runnin’ but don’t cotton to flyin’

You make it so easy, to get caught in a squeeze play
You make it so easy, I’m caught in a squeeze play
Track Name: I'm The Spy Who Loves You

Quiet street
A perfect cover
Yellow house
No flower out of place

I’ll mow my yard (neighborly)
Get the kids up, hurry to school

Watching you, from a distance
your lifestyle, your tv -- you think:
What you see is real !
In the Motherland we see you!

I’m the spy,
(Who loves you)
I am the spy who loves you
You spy too
We both do
The spy and you

Blow my cover
Then you’ll see,
The nature of my work
Is most unsavory

Agent 10, dash 462
Code name… Dr. Bleu
In your midst for cocktails n’ canasta
Laugh at your jokes, and look right past ya

Go through your papers, read the lost and found
Things you say will be written down
Behind the screen, hides a face
But when you look, I’m gone without a trace

On the last day of the year
We’ll take stock of what is near and dear
I’m not the man you think I am
The last remains, of a cold war shadow land

Radio tonight
Shortwave delight
Code name Bleu, Dr. Bleu

Beaming out to you
Secrets coming through
Call Motherland, Motherland
Calling Motherland!

When I’m gone
They’ll be no fond adieus
No more lies
No more rendezvous

You won’t know, it’ll all seem,
A bit blurred, like tv -- you think:
What you see is real !
In the Motherland we see you!
Track Name: One Way In One Way Out
Some folks got things all figured out
Land of plenty, so devout
Want for nothing, have no doubts
One way in and one way out

Tell me that the world is pancake flat
If there’s a profit to be made from that
Reward the righteous, is what it’s all about
One way in and one way out

There’s a clear and present danger near
A form of justice that abides in fear
Wake up one day, who got all the clout?
One way in and one way out

One way in and one way out (repeat)

Hand me down my walking cane
Stand beside me in the rain
Move from darkness when in doubt
One way in and one way out

Have your fun now brother while you can
Your days are numbered, turning back to sand
It bears repeating, won’t you jump and shout
One way in and one way out

One way in and one way out (repeat)